Drop Ceiling Tile Fan with Remote Control: SA-398


Remote-controlled 3-Speed Tile Fan (with remote control included). View product description for details.

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Model number SA-398, our most popular product.

As the designers of these fans, Coba Viento created a minimalistic, streamlined design to offer the most attractive options on the market.  Model SA-398 is a Remote-controlled 3-Speed Tile Fan (with remote included).

It was designed specifically to be installed on standard tile ceilings. No need for extra air ducts or complex wiring: simply remove a tile from the ceiling and replace it with this fan. Remote controlled and self-contained, it requires only electricity to run and will circulate air in a 6ft radius. This is by far the simplest and most cost effective solution to improve air quality and control temperature in your office, gym or any space that features a tile-ceiling. Our tile ceiling fan is easier to install and maintain than our competition and has a much leaner design.

The Remote

Included with this product is the remote control used to operate the fan. Simply point the remote at one of your Cobaviento Tile Ceiling fans to change it’s speed or to control the airflow grille. You may use the same remote to control any number of fans, one at a time. If you are planning on installing a large amount of fans and want the ability to control them all at once, consider our models SA-398WC & SA-398WC-A tile fan with wall control.

Since you only need one remote to operate multiple fans, you may purchase additional ceiling fans without the remote.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 25 in


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