About Cobaviento

Our fans are the only Tile Fans to be
UL certified for both Canada and the USA.

Founded in 2012, Coba Viento Products is the exclusive distributor of Tile Fan products in the United States and Canada.

Ceiling fans specifically designed for drop ceilings have been sold in Taiwan for many years prior to their introduction to the United States and Canada. In 2011 I was approached by the top manufacturer of this type of ceiling fans in Taiwan to consult about how they could bring this unique high quality product to the US market.

The manufacturer and I worked aggressively on this project for several months until we were satisfied with the design and engineering changes needed to make the product more appealing to the US market and also to meet the strict UL safety standards. By mid-2012 we were able to finally make the first shipment of “Tile Fans” becoming the first ceiling fan of its kind to be UL certified and sold in the USA and Canada.

“Tile Fans” are manufactured in Taiwan to the highest quality standards. Our goal as a distributor of this high quality product is to not only provide a fast response to delivery of our customer’s orders (all orders ship within 48 hrs) but to make sure that our customers can count on our absolute support after the sale is concluded. We strive to provide top quality services and project support to commercial, contractors and residential end users.

The Tile Fan is the only ceiling fan for drop ceilings that offer the option to control up to 20 units with one single control.

Our tile fans are now installed in all the locations listed across the United States and Canada;

Beauty salons
City Administration Buildings
Coast Guard Administration Buildings
Fitness Centers
Grocery stores
Home offices
Homeland Security Administration Buildings
Law offices
Medical offices
Nursing homes
Office buildings
Real state offices
Retail stores
Sales car lot offices
Sheriff’s offices
Stadiums Administration Offices
US Air Force Administration Buildings
US Army Administration Buildings
US Navy Administration Buildings