Drop Ceiling Tile Fan With Remote Control: $139.99

  • Streamlined aesthetic design
  • Easiest Installation
  • Control Fans Individually
  • Control Unlimited Fans
  • Most Popular Option


Drop Ceiling Tile Fan With Wall Control: $145.99

  • Streamlined aesthetic design
  • Ideal for multiple fans
  • Operate up to 20 units at once with a single wall control
  • Requires hard-wiring setup


Frequently asked questions

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What is the height clearance needed for installation between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling?

Allow 8 inches of clearance above grid line to fit fan.

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Will the fan draw down the trapped hot air between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling?

Tile Fans are self-contained, they have a cover that prevents warm and dusty air trapped in the ceiling from being drawn back down to the room. Air is drawn via the side vents and forced downward through the Airflow grille.

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Does the Tile Fan need to be hooked to a ventilation system?

No, Tile Fans are self-contained.

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Can Tile Fans be installed and properly work in other countries?

The Tile Fan is manufactured for the US electrical standards of 110v and 60 cycles. It does not have the capability to convert to other voltages/cycles. We recommend checking with a local electrician about how appliances with these electrical standards will work in your application.

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