Fan Specs



This innovative Patent Pending ventilation system was specifically designed for suspended ceilings. This is a unique alternative to conventional “downrod hanging” ceiling fans. The Tile Fan is designed to fit into standard 24×24 suspended ceilings framework.
Unlike conventional ceiling fans, Tile Fans can be quickly installed – to mount, simply remove existing tile and drop the new Tile Fan into the 24×24 grid frame.
Since Tile Fans weigh only 12 lbs, there is no need to re-enforce the ceiling framework as long as ceiling framework meets installation standards and city building codes.


  • Superior performance – 1 tile fan covers 144sq.ft.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ultra quiet
  • Easy mount-fits on a 24”x24” suspended ceiling framework
  • Airflow grille and blade assembly can be easily detached for cleaning
  • 3 speed hand held remote control for single installations (Model SA-398)
  • 2 speed wall control for multiple installations-up to 20 units (Model SA-398WC)
  • CUL Listed

Infrared 3-Speed Remote Control Included With Tile Fan Model SA-398.

Multiple fans can be installed in the same general location and can be operated individually by a single remote control. Remote control uses two (2) triple A (AAA) batteries

SA-398 Remote Control Manual

2-Speed Wall Control Included With Tile Fan Model SA-398WC.

The wall control is ideal for multiple fan installations. Up to twenty (20) units) can be operated by a single 2-Speed wall control.

SA-398WC Wall Control Manual

Room Planner

Tile Fans have a 360-degree revolving grille feature that generates superb air circulation. Use the grid below to determine the best suitable locations to install the Tile Fans.

The air circulation produced by a single Tile Fan cover approximately a “6ft radius” on medium speed. For best air circulation efficiency, install Tile Fans 8ft apart (one every 4-24” ceiling tiles).

If you are installing a single Tile Fan in a room, install Tile Fan slightly away from the person, not directly above.